Country star Carrie Underwood has spoken out about comments she made earlier this year (08) suggesting she was still in touch with her ex, Jessica Simpson's current boyfriend Tony Romo - insisting the remarks were taken out of context.
Underwood and Simpson were alleged to have fallen out after the former American Idol contestant insinuated she had been in regular contact with American footballer Romo, two years after their split (06).
She told Allure magazine's August (08) issue, "The phone will ring and it'll be him, and I'll maybe not answer."
Simpson, who has been dating Romo since late last year (07), subsequently hit back at Underwood's comments, claiming her boyfriend has never called his ex.
But Underwood has denied any wrongdoing, insisting the interview was conducted months before it was actually published and the last time she spoke to Romo was back in May (08).
She says, "I don't think people realise that when you do an interview, the magazine comes out six months later. It was just something that was said in passing, and I would never mean to say anything to hurt anybody or to stir up anything, because I'm just not about drama."