Carrie Underwood has been paying homage to the UK music scene, ahead of her sell-out performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London last night (June 21, 2012). According to MTV News, Underwood revealed that she loves British female singers such as Cheryl Cole, Jessie J and Adele and even performed a cover of a Coldplay song at last night's prestigious gig.
When she was asked why she chose to cover Coldplay, Underwood explained "I wanted to basically pay homage. It was kind of a respect thing and I know that there are so many amazing artists here [in the UK]. You guys don't need us coming over and bringing our music, as you guys can live for days, all day every day, listening to your new artists that come from here. It made it even more special that I got to be here and got to sing. The challenge was finding a song, but I love that song, it was one that I already knew, front to back, and the band were really excited about playing it too. It just kind of happened, once I thought of that one - it was the one that we were going to do."
She also revealed that Jessie J has been making her mark, Stateside, saying "I love Jessie J. I think she's like super talented. She's really popular in the US right now, so I hear quite a bit of her." She wasn't quite so sure of Cheryl Cole's chances of success, though, telling reporters "I don't know why not. Like I said, she's not as big right now as she is here but I've heard a little bit of her on the radio."