Carrie Underwood's son is ''dirty and awesome''.

The 'Before He Cheats' singer - who has three-year-old Isaiah with husband Mike Fisher and is pregnant with their second child - adores her ''fearless'' and fun little boy, but admitted he's learned to play on her emotions with ''fake crying''.

She told HELLO! magazine: ''He adores music. He loves the songs from his favourite cartoons so when Mike and I are in the car with him, we have to listen to them on a loop.

''Isaiah climbs over everything, runs everywhere and is fearless. And if there's a pool, he jumps into it.

''He loves animals, painting, getting dirty and making a mess. He's a dirty, awesome little boy - and good at fake crying.''

Carrie, 35, admitted being a parent has changes her outlook on life and interactions with other people.

She explained: ''Babies change the way you look at the world. I was never one to want to run over and hold someone's baby but now I feel empathy for them.''

Though the 'Cry Pretty' hitmaker and her husband are keen to have a big family, they've accepted that may not happen for them.

Carrie said: ''There are things in this world that you can control but there are also things that you can't.

''Mike would like four children yet the thing we've learnt is that it's not up to us. We definitely believe God's timing is much better than our own.''

Earlier this year, Carrie suffered a broken wrist and had 50 stitches to her face when she fell while walking her dogs but she's almost back to herself now.

She said: ''I'm getting better and feeling more like myself, but have been left with a few reminders. We all have things we deal with and try to get through.''