Carrie Underwood ''likes'' missing her husband Mike Fisher.

The 29-year-old singer - who married the Hockey player in July 2010 - does not need to be with her partner constantly and enjoys spending some personal time away from him occasionally.

She said: ''I can't imagine spending every single day with one person. I like missing him, but it doesn't mean I can't function.

''We're both independent - we aren't clingy.''

However, she admits her husband has had to adjust with how famous she is but he doesn't find it as difficult as some of her previous boyfriends.

She added: ''I dealt with that in the past with my exes. You could tell that they were insecure about me making more money than them. I knew that wouldn't work.

''Mike knew it when he was dating me. And he knew it when he married me. He's still having to adjust, but he's progressive enough.''

Carrie does sometimes get scared for her husband in his career because hockey players are often so aggressive with each other.

She told Now magazine: ''Whenever he gets into a fight, my first thought is, 'Not the face!'

''He already has to keep stubble because he has so many scars. He's had to have a lot of surgery.''