Carrie Underwood believes having kids right now would ''mess up'' her life.

The country singer married Hockey player Mike Fisher in 2010 and although they eventually want children, Carrie says they have no desire to add to their family in The Immediate future because they are happy with how they are.

She told People: ''I honestly think that if we brought a kid into it, it would mess things up right now. We're good right now.''

The couple spend long periods of time apart because of work and Carrie, 29, says they make sure they send each other loving messages whenever they can.

She explained: ''We talk on the phone quite a bit, but we are not the kind of people who need to talk to each other every second of the day. We will text sweet little 'I love yous.' He will send me pictures of [my dogs] on a daily basis and makes sure that I know they are okay.''

Although they have been wed for almost two years, Carrie still thinks of them as ''newlyweds'' and added about Mike, 31, ''I mean, he's hot! He's a hot guy.''