Carrie Underwood does her own hair and make-up.

The 29-year-old singer loves to ''play'' with her stage appearance because she can try more outrageous styles than she would in her everyday life and finds the preparation relaxing before she performs.

She said: ''[I do it all myself], that's two people I don't have on tour. When you're on stage, it's a little bit different than real life.

''You can kind of pile it on - and you need to for things to show up. It's kind of whatever, you can play. You can do things you wouldn't really do. You can put glitter on your eyes. Big Hair. The bigger, the better. It's fun. It's a nice relaxing time, a calm before the storm, if you will.''

Carrie also admitted she dreams of having darker hair but people are reluctant to change her look, though she has vowed never to chop her locks short.

She admitted: ''I'd love to switch things up a little bit, but think everyone [else] is scared to do it,

''I wanted to dye my hair darker. I'm like, 'Let's change my hair colour.' We'll do something for like two hours, then I'll walk away, and I'm like, 'This looks the same as before.' Maybe someday I'll do something a little more drastic. I don't think I'm meant for short hair though. I don't feel as pretty when I chop it off, which I have done before.''