Carrie Fisher's dog's Twitter account is not affiliated with the actress.

Although the late star's pooch Gary has an official Instagram account, a Twitter page, which was believed to be run by someone close to Carrie, was actually set up by a fan of the actress and her French Bulldog.

And after a series of tweets made from the account following Carrie's death were retweeted thousands of times by grieving fans and used in news stories, the account owner decided to clear things up in a post.

The Twitter user wrote: ''Over the last few days Gary's been asked who tweets for him.I felt it was best to post this statement to avoid any confusing or misleadings...

''Over the last few days Gary's been asked who tweets for him. I felt it was best to post this statement to avoid any confusing or misleadings.

''Over a year ago, like most of you, I discovered Carrie Fisher's wonderful bulldog Gary.

''To my surprise, at the time, I couldn't believe there was no twitter [sic] account for Gary. So I decided to honor him by making this account. Soon Carrie retweeted 'Gary' and it even appeared linked on her official website. As huge Star Wars, Carrie & Gary fan I felt truly honored. It was like being told I was the official unofficial Gary twitter. The idea was to just post silly random funny tweets. That is what I did until the latest few days.

''I always tried to keep the tweets fun and light. But due to the events in the last few days, I have felt the grief that most of you have felt. So I asked myself 'what would Gary tweet.'

''At first I wanted to keep it funny but it didn't feel like a time to be funny. So I tweeted how I felt with a slight Gary tone. It' been therapeutic using this Twitter to express my heartache and sadness.

''I have also felt honored to be kind of the voice of Gary over the last few days as media outlets and others links to me and fans have shared their heartache with me. I never wanted to come off as tweeting for anyone within the Fisher family and feel I should say that this account is not affiliated with anyone inside the family. I'm, like you, just a simple fan of Carrie and Gary. In the coming days I hope to keep fans update on any Gary news and in time get back to tweeting fun and lighthearted tweets. Thank you all for all the retweets, follows, likes and interaction. I hope, if anything, my tweets help you in someway deal with the lost [sic] of Carrie and now her mother. I know it's helped me. Thank you (sic).''