STAR WARS star Carrie Fisher's latest TV interview with Sharon Stone started on an awkward note - because it took place in the home Fisher beat the Basic Instinct actress to.

Fisher conducts most of her CONVERSATIONS WITH CARRIE FISHER chat shows from her Hollywood home, and simply forgot that she once fought her guest for the place until Stone reminded her.

The sexy blonde explained, "We actually bid against each other for this house.

"It was only us that really wanted this house... You paid more than I would have, but I'm sorry now because I still want it."

Stone revealed to her friend on her show, which aired on Thursday (22JUL04) in America, that she's selling the house she bought with ex-husband Phil Bronstein and has plans to buy a new place in Tucson, Arizona.

She revealed, "I went there when we made THE QUICK + THE DEAD and I lived there for like three months and it was heaven for me... I was really inspired there, creatively... I'm crazy about that hot weather."

25/07/2004 14:54