Carrie Fisher's young daughter remains unimpressed with the Hollywood royalty of her grandparents Eddie Fisher and DEBBIE REYNOLDS - who she thinks are "very weird" people.

The Star Wars actress, 47, had a troubled upbringing when Fisher left Reynolds for DAME Elizabeth Taylor when Carrie was just a year old, and her mother subsequently turned to drink.

So Carrie understands 11-year-old daughter BILLIE being uncomfortable with her grandparents - who she admits betray the signs of spending a lifetime in Hollywood.

Fisher explains, "Billie doesn't get it about Debbie - SINGING IN THE RAIN and all that. And she probably won't until it's too late. That's a shame because my mother is hilarious and great and Billie just thinks of her as very weird.

"It's sad. There was a grandparents day at school and Billie didn't tell us. I said, 'Oh Baby.' That hurt me so much for my mom. But my mother is not a regular grandmother; she's going to show up in a wig.

"Then my father did show up, at BRYAN's (Billie's father) behest, and my daughter freaked. He was wearing orange clothes and bright blue boots and dyed black hair, and he started singing when he saw her.

"She's 11 and super hip, so she runs up to Bryan and hisses, 'She's making a fool out of me!' with real tears in her eyes. I call my brother later and say, 'You know how we'd have hacked off a arm to get our father to show up at school? He goes to Billie's thing, and she's mortified. Perfect!"

19/02/2004 17:33