Carrie Fisher has topped a new internet poll to find the Hottest Nerd Crush of all time. The actress' portrayal of PRINCESS LEIA in Star Wars beat Gillian Anderson's X-FILES detective DANA SCULLY in the new hit list, which focuses on the hottest comic book characters and sci-fi stars. The top 10 list is: 1. CARRIE FISHER (STAR WARS) 2. GILLIAN ANDERSON (THE X-FILES) 3. Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix) 4. GRACE PARK (BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA) 5. LARA CROFT (Tomb Raider computer game vixen) 6. Famke Janssen (X-Men) 7. Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: VOYAGER) 8. Aeon Flux (comic book heroine) 9. Jennifer Garner (ALIAS) 10. Natasha Henstridge (SPECIES).