Actress Carrie Fisher has declared her mother Debbie Reynolds is "heartbroken" over her ongoing struggles in starting up a Hollywood memorabilia museum.

Reynolds owns a vast collection of classic Tinseltown outfits, and has long held plans to showcase them all under one roof for the public, but has so far hit stumbling blocks.

Fisher rants, "She's broken her a*s trying to find a place to house her collection, and no one really cares. I've watched my mother be heartbroken over this."

While various people - including George Lucas and MERYL STREEP - have helped out with suggestions, things have still failed to get off the ground, with the idea of opening the museum near Hollywood's Kodak Theater now dead - as well as a plan to house the collection in Tennessee being delayed.

Fisher adds, "For 20 years this has been going on, with her and my brother (TODD) trying so hard. I don't think calling people's attention to it will make any difference. I called a powerful friend of mine in the industry, who will go nameless, and said, 'Why isn't this happening?' and he said, 'No one gives a s**t.'

"You'd think gay people would care, the gay men. She has 14 Marilyn Monroe dresses. I know they care individually. Even if the museum could be done on a smaller scale at least it would be something."

10/02/2005 21:26