Actress Carrie Fisher has laughed off reports she was romantically involved with singer James Blunt while he was living with her and recording his debut album. The Star Wars actress opened her home to the struggling musician and insists she was more of a therapist to the YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL hit maker. She slams reports that the two were ever intimate saying, "I have a little more class than that. I am a very discreet human when it comes to other people I don't tell. "He was here for about four months, and he ended up using my bathroom a lot because it has a piano in there and the acoustics are good." Fisher says the two did become very close adding, "I did become his therapist. He was a soldier. This boy has seen awful stuff. "Every time James hears fireworks or anything like that, his heart beats faster, and he gets 'fight or flight'. "You know, he comes from a long line of soldiers dating back to the 10th century. He would tell me these horrible stories. "He was a captain, a reconnaissance soldier. I became James's therapist. So it would have been unethical to sleep with my patient!"