The Confident singer has been open about her previous battle with bulimia and is a supporter of women embracing their bodies no matter what size, and she took to on Saturday (02Jan16) to commend Fisher for her stance against mean online commentators.

The 59-year-old returned to the spotlight in the latest Star Wars installment, The Force Awakens, but her appearance during the movie's press tour came under scrutiny from Internet critics, who poked fun at the star for her different looks, nearly 40 years after the first movie was released.

Just before the end of the year (15), Fisher tweeted, "Please stop debating about whether or not I aged well. Unfortunately it hurts all three of my feelings. My body hasn't aged as well as I have, Blow us."

Lovato has since retweeted Fisher's posts to her nearly 33 million followers, and added, "Major props to @carrieffisher... This woman has been through so much and yet she still doesn't let the haters get to her. Awesome example for women of all ages everywhere. Thank you @carrieffisher.. You are #goals."