Canadian actress Carrie-Anne Moss has blasted nudity in films as unnecessary, and refuses to bare all for the camera. The Matrix star, 39, has been flooded by offers from Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine to strip for a photoshoot, but the idea simply amuses her. And since starting a family with husband STEVEN ROY, Moss has a new perspective on sharing her body with the public. She says, "I'm just not like that at all. My first thought would be, 'What would my mother think?' "Besides, lots of actresses like Julia Roberts and Michelle Pfeiffer don't do nudity, so I don't think it's so important. "And I don't think I'll be posing naked for photos either. I've been offered Playboy and when my agent tells me, I laugh hysterically. "For me there's also the feeling that since I'm married, there's a kind sacredness to the body."