THE MATRIX RELOADED star Carrie-Anne Moss was so thrilled with her parting gift from the movie trilogy's director brothers ANDY and LARRY WACHOWSKI - she had her kung-fu shoes bronzed for them.

The siblings presented the Canadian actress with the leather jacket she wears in the film series at the Matrix wrap party.

She says, "I didn't get to keep anything apart from the glasses but the brothers knew how much I loved that jacket, so they gave that to me.

"I was thrilled. It's now encased in glass and it looks like it's hanging in air. It plugs in, it's lit and it's kind of creepy.

"I also took a lot of photographs and I've got them framed too. It's nice to document your journey.

"By way of saying thanks to Andy and Larry I bronzed my kung fu shoes and gave it to them. I gave each of them one shoe each and engraved 'No more kung fu' on them."

18/05/2003 21:04