WILD ORCHID actress Carre Otis had to choose between leaving hellraising husband Mickey Rourke or killing herself with alcohol addiction.

The reformed alcoholic made the difficult decision to leave her spouse of two years - who was also battling addictions to drink and drugs - but knew she had to do something drastic because she was turning into an "embarrassment".

Carre explains, "I had become an embarrassment and I was tired of waking up without remembering what I had done the night before.

"Fortunately, for most of us, the body begins to send signals and you start to realise that if you keep banging your head against a brick wall you're going to really hurt yourself. I had to be strong and leave my husband."

She adds, "I wasn't good for him and today he thanks me because it helped him to face up to his fears and make changes to his life. Today we're friends and we always will be."

24/07/2003 02:20