Former U.K. pop star Carolyn Owlett has warned of the dangers of social-networking sites after her identity was stolen to create a fake account.
The singer, a former member of girl group The 411, was horrified when she discovered a woman in Belgium had used her pictures and private details to set up a Facebook profile and flirt with unsuspecting males.
And Owlett was left fearing for her life when one of the men snared by the impostor flew to London to pay her a surprise visit, after a 17-month virtual affair with the fraudster.
She tells Britain's The Sun, "I was terrified. This man was shouting my name and personal information about me across Oxford Circus (train) station but I had no idea who he was. He said he'd come from Belgium to be with me. I was so scared."
The 26 year old eventually contacted the Belgian woman behind the plot, Kristella Erbicella, and pleaded with her to shut down the page.
And now she admits she is much more cautious about her internet activities.
She says: "This woman has harassed my friends and used photos of my son. The experience has shown me that nothing you post on the net ever goes away. People should be careful when posting pictures of their kids and their lives. I found out the hard way that you never know who is watching."