Naomi Campbell has noticed a ''huge change'' in the use of ethnic models.

The supermodel is delighted designers have taken note of her work with the Diversity Coalition - speaking out against the ''racist act'' of not hiring enough black and Asian girls - and has already seen a marked improvement over the first few days of the international spring/summer 2014 shows.

Speaking at the launch of Sky Living HD's new modelling show, 'The Face', Naomi declared: ''In the past 10 days there's been a huge change on balance diversity. When I say huge - from New York to London, Milan, and now Paris has started - for instance, Giorgio Armani had a woman of colour open his show and had four women of colour in his show, which has not ever happened that I can remember.

''Jil Sander [did too]. I'm saying names because we're very proud and happy.''

The statuesque star and her fellow campaigners Iman and Bethann Hardison hope the change will be a long-term solution rather than a temporary trend.

Naomi explained: ''What we don't want in balance diversity is that it becomes a trend. We don't want a trend, we want if you're beautiful, if you're the right aesthetics, that you have the opportunity to go up for a job you're chosen like anyone else.

''I hope it's not in the situation now where everyone is running out to grab a model of colour or an Asian model because we're raising our voices. We're hoping its going to stay that way. And we'll keep raising our voices until it does. It's a long-term goal.''

Naomi was joined by her fellow mentors Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor for the special screening of 'The Face' and Q&A at the Royal Opera House in London.

'The Face' debuts on Monday 30 September at 9pm on Sky Living HD.