Caroline Flack wants a 'Love Island'-themed wedding.

The 38-year-old TV star announced her engagement to former 'Apprentice' contestant Andrew Brady in April, and Caroline has revealed that her own nuptials could be influenced by the BAFTA-winning reality show that she hosts.

She confessed: ''Maybe I can walk down the aisle to the 'Love Island' theme tune and people could 'couple up' at the end.''

Caroline and Andrew are set to tie the knot following their whirlwind romance, and the TV presenter has admitted to falling in love when she was least expecting to.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Love happens and I think love finds you.

''I think that is what has happened to me in life. When you least expect it. Maybe that is what happened this year.''

Caroline - who previously dated One Director star Harry Styles - has learned that love is both ''simple'' and also ''complicated''.

Asked whether she believed in love at first sight, Caroline shared: ''Yeah. For some people ... but I have fallen in love with friends and it started as a friendship.

''That is the thing about love, it is different for everyone. It is simple but complicated.''

Despite this, Caroline has revealed she's never harboured any particularly strong ambitions to get married.

And she's insisted she won't be transforming into a so-called bridezilla - like the character Muriel, from the film 'Muriel's Wedding' - anytime soon.

Caroline said: ''I have never been a Muriel and had that idea about wearing a dress.

''When I was a little girl I never thought about getting married. I always dreamt of coming to London and becoming a dancer.

''I just wanted to travel the world and experience things.''