Caroline Flack is struggling with her anxiety.

The 39-year-old 'Love Island' presenter admitted that she has been is in a ''really weird place'' with her mental health for the past few weeks but when she tried to reach out to someone about it, they called her ''draining''.

She wrote on Instagram: ''I wanted to write something about mental health day last week but I was knee deep in work. And some days it's hard to write your feelings of your not in the right place. The last few weeks I've been in a really weird place... I find it hard to talk about it .. I guess it's anxiety and pressure of life ... and when I actually reached out to someone they said I was draining (sic).''

Caroline went on to encourage her followers to be kinder to everyone as she admitted that being called ''draining'' made her feel like a burden.

She said: ''I feel like this is why some people keep their emotions to themselves. I certainly hate talking about my feelings. And being a burden is my biggest fear.... I'm lucky to be able to pick myself up when things feel sh*t. But what happens if someone can't . Be nice to people. You never know what's going on. Ever.''

Caroline has previously spoken extensively about her anxiety and admitted that it gets worse when she is not working.

She said: 'Weirdly the anxiety I got more when I'm not working. Work takes away my anxiety, doing live TV takes away anything else. Being on stage I'm less nervous than just being me.''

Speaking about having hypnotherapy sessions, she added: ''Everyone's different, if I'm going through a bit of a tough time I can just call him and say 'hey can I come over and see you?'''