Caroline Flack has received death threats from Harry Styles' fans after their dates were revealed.

The 'Xtra Factor' presenter and the One Direction heartthrob have recently started dating despite a 15-year age gap but a group of fans of 17-year-old Harry - calling themselves 'Directioners' - have posted a string of hateful messages to Caroline on twitter.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Twitter just went mad. People have been saying really horrible things. Caroline's really shaken and upset."

One message said: "If caroline flack flirts with my boyfriend (Harry) I will personally hunt her down and shoot her. (sic)"

More messages included: "I want to kill you Caroline Flack, Harry is mine B***h" and Caroline Flack is 32. She should be settling and ready to have kids not dating them. (sic)"

One user - who has since deleted their account - simply wrote "@carolineflack1 DIE"

Caroline took to her own page on the micro-blogging site to address One Direction fans, saying: "AROLINE rote "@carolineflack1 DIE"]

plu is mine B***h" and I will personally hunt her down and shoot her. (sic)" upset."

"Hi one direction fans! To clarify. I'm close friends with harry. He's one of the nicest people I know. I don't deserve death threats. :) x (sic)"

Meanwhile, Harry has reportedly been trying to comfort Caroline, 32, following the barrage of hate she has experienced.

A source said: "He feels awful, He's trying to convince her it'll blow over."