Caroline Flack has flown to Los Angeles to ''clear her head'' after her recent arrest for assault.

The 40-year-old TV presenter is due back in court in March following her arrest this month after a domestic dispute with her boyfriend Lewis Burton, 27, and Caroline has decided to get away from the UK for a while in order to ''find herself''.

A source told The Sun on Sunday: ''Caroline feels trapped in the UK. She can't see or communicate with Lewis but she also doesn't want to return to her flat because her every move is documented by photographers.''

''Caroline isn't someone who can sit around twiddling her thumbs until March. She's driving herself mad, as she likes to be busy. So after spending the festive period with family and friends, she's jetted to LA.

''Whenever she's hit hard times, she's always 'found herself' again in the mountains, away from the limelight. She wants to feel the sunshine on her skin, do long hikes and clear her head.''

As part of Caroline's bail conditions, she has been banned from communicating with Lewis, although he has been publicly supportive of his girlfriend, who has denied the charges against her.

The insider said: ''He's been very vocal in saying Caroline did not hit him with a lamp; that he never wanted - and does not want to - press charges.''

''Plus, he asked for Caroline's bail conditions to be lifted. She now wants to be in a place where she can be happy, free and completely switch off.''

Meanwhile, Caroline recently took to Instagram - after her appearance at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court, where she pleaded not guilty to the charge of assault by beating - to say she wants to share her side of the story.

She wrote on her Instagram Stories: ''Thankfully I know a lot of you will not believe all that you have heard and read following today's court hearing ... thank you for your continued support and love....

''It's going to be a relief when I am able to give my side of the story, when I'm allowed to x. (sic)''