Caroline Flack has answered back defiantly to a One Direction fanzine that has made fun of her because of her past fling with band member Harry Styles. Flack and Styles dated briefly before Christmas last year ,despite an age difference of 15 years, and the fanzine has since gone on to call the TV personality as looking like a "goat" and having a "dirty-blonde dye job". Worse was to follow after they printed a cut-out voodoo doll of Flack.
The 32 year-old admitted she was hurt by the image, saying "I don't take notice of nasty things to encourage bullying. I'm very aware about the voodoo doll article in a certain magazine and have been for some time. It was one of the most hurtful things I've ever read." However, she added "But thank you for all the nice supportive messages! I don't take notice of nasty things written to encourage bullying."
Flack was writing on Twitter, and received good will from her fans, causing her to add: "I've never had so many nice messages in one afternoon!!! Me and my crows feet are thankful. X" Closing the matter, she commented "Oh and my niece Willow could write a more intelligent article... and she's seven.... rant over... I got some serious blonde hair to sort out..eek.'"