Caroline Flack feels ''more comfortable'' with her body now than she did over 10 years ago.

The 37-year-old television personality feared she had cellulite when she was younger and because she was conscious about her body shape she would always cover up, but the brunette beauty regrets not showing off her physique and will willingly flaunt her slender frame now.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan magazine, the 'Love Island' host said: ''Weirdly, I'm more comfortable in my body now that I'm 37 than I was when I was 22. Back then, I thought I had cellulite. I didn't, and I wish I had just walked around in a bikini all the time.''

Although Caroline has admitted she is happy with her appearance she would love to have ''that body'' back.

She added: ''I'd quite like that body now, please.''

Caroline has revealed she has a ''better balance'' in her lifestyle, which sees her enjoy nights out with her friends but still undergo gruelling fitness sessions and eat a healthier diet too.

She explained: ''These days, I've found a better balance. I like to go out but I also love to go to the gym and eat healthily.

''There was a time when I would go on a retreat for a week, then go and indulge for two weeks, then go and do another retreat.''

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' champion - who won the dance competition in 2014 - has revealed she has a personal trainer who she visits three times per week.

She explained: ''I see a PT three days a week now and she's changed my life - she's half personal trainer, half-therapist. It's about finding a happy medium, and I'd rather keep it consistent, although holidays should be for indulging and having a glass of rosé.''