Caroline Flack is worried her big boobs will spill out of her dress on her wedding day.

The 38-year-old TV presenter recently announced her engagement to former 'Apprentice' contestant Andrew Brady, and although Caroline has yet to make any concrete plans for her big day, she's determined to impress her husband-to-be by looking her most gorgeous when she walks down the aisle.

However, the 'Love Island' host has concerns that her ample breasts will burst out of her gown at some point during the nuptials.

Asked whether she might design her own dress, Caroline shared: ''No! Or actually, maybe I would. The next thing on my list is an underwear range for girls with larger breasts because I really struggle with bras. My boobs end up looking like construction sites. I want to be really sexy.''

Caroline only announced her engagement in April and has revealed that the loved-up couple have not yet set a date for their nuptials.

In fact, Caroline is hoping someone will help her to organise the wedding, or they could end up tying the knot in the 'Love Island' villa in Majorca.

Caroline - who previously dated One Direction star Harry Styles - told Heat magazine: ''I don't know what to do to organise a wedding. I was hoping someone would call me up and be like, 'I hear you're getting married. do you want me to organise it for you?' But no on has. Maybe I'll get married in the villa.''

Despite finding happiness in her personal life, Caroline still doesn't believe she should be offering relationship advice to the contestants on her ITV reality show.

She confessed: ''I still don't think I'm the right person to give advice. I'm not going to be like, 'Guys, listen to me, I'm settled down now...'

''The only advice I can give them is how to deal with fame. My best advice on that is not to read Twitter, and if they do, don't take it to heart because it doesn't mean anything.''