Carol Vorderman has quickly reverted back to her sleek-locked look on today's episode of Loose Women (February 24, 2012). This week, the brainiac TV presenter ruffled a few feathers in the fashion world when she appeared on the chat show sporting an equally ruffled bedhead.
The general consensus seems to be that Vorderman didn't quite get the 'just got out of bed' look right. Or rather, she got it a bit too right. The Daily Mail have quoted the hair salon director Paul Edmonds as saying that "the mussed up mane is an iconic look - when it's done right." Goldie Hawn is one of the Hollywood stars who manages to pull off the 'bedhead' look with ease. Unfortunately for Carol, people seem to prefer her looking prim and proper and today, her hair appeared to be ironed to within an inch of its life, settling the nerves of any fans that were worried she'd permanently lost sight of her comb.
It's not the first time that Carol's image has been held up to scrutiny. The former Countdown star began her career as a slightly nerdy brainbox but in recent years has flourished into something of a sex symbol; a poster girl for the older generation. She even beat Pippa Middleton to the 2011 Rear of the Year Award. It would seem that untamed locks are a step too far, though - even for a sex symbol