Former supermodel Carol Alt has been targeted in a new lawsuit stemming from her request for a $18 million (GBP9.73 million) payout from her 2001 divorce.
Alt sued her ex husband, professional hockey player Ron Greschner, last year (07) - claiming she is owed a share of the multi-million dollar sum from the 1999 liquidation of stock.
But in court documents filed on Friday (29Aug08), Grescher claims his famous ex is only using the civil suit to obtain private details of his finances.
Grescher has agreed to turn over some tax returns but is asking the Manhattan court judge to deny Alt's request for financial information from the past eight years.
In court documents, Grescher says:"I have since remarried and have five children, and I believe that she continues to harbour resentment towards me and the desire to have information about me. I am very concerned that if Ms. Alt is privy to any information about my financial status or dealings she will publicise it to these so-called acquaintances.
"As a former professional hockey player, I do have the opportunity to participate in events and do public relations activities. Gossip can never be helpful to that effort."
Alt and Grescher divorced in 2001.