LATEST: Supermodel Carol Alt has lost her lawsuit against ex-husband and professional hockey player RON GRESCHNER, after a New York judge ruled he did not owe her any money from the sale of a water filtration business.
The 47-year-old sued Greschner for $9 million (GBP5.7 million), accusing him of cheating her out of her share of an $18 million (GBP11.5 million) profit from a water filtration business venture they entered into as a married couple.
She alleged his failure to share the cash with her was in violation of the terms of their divorce settlement, which was finalised in 2001 after 18 years of marriage.
But in Manhattan's U.S. District Court on Wednesday (29Oct08), Judge Colleen MCMahon ruled that the statute of limitations had expired on her rights to the profit, so Greschner did not owe her a penny.
However, Alt insists she still has reason to celebrate - because the ruling has put an end to a huge chapter in her life.
She says, "I feel vindicated and free. These are tears of joy. It's really finally over. It's like an ending, a solid ending."
Alt wished Greschner well after the court verdict, when she told him, "This is the last place I wanted to be."
And she admits that she still has a soft spot for her ex: "When he speaks to me, he still touches my heart.
"(But) I feel sad that he has no memory of our life together."
Greschner and Alt separated amicably after the model failed to conceive following her battle with cancer. Greschner has since remarried and is a father of five.