Supermodel Carol Alt is fighting the Canadian Government over red tape hassles that are preventing her from becoming a citizen.

The New York-born 42-year-old, who was once described by Playboy boss HUGH Hefner as "the most beautiful woman in the world", is seeking dual citizenship of America and Canada so she can realise a childhood dream.

But officials are dragging their heels over granting Alt, who won residency in Canada a decade ago, full citizenship.

She says, "I'm not asking for anything that millions of other people don't have. I just want the choices and the possibilities for my future.

"It's not as though I'm a drain on the economy. I buy there I eat there, I've created jobs there. I've brought investments into the country."

Canada's authorities are still upset that Alt missed a swearing-in ceremony in 2001 due to a filming commitment, but she doesn't think she should be penalised for that.

She adds, "I'm working. I'm a single woman trying to make a living."

09/09/2003 09:15