Carnie Wilson and her musician husband Rob Bonfiglio have already a picked out a name for their unborn daughter - LUCIANA.
The Wilson Phillips star is expecting her second child in June (09) - a sister for three-year-old Lola.
And, as the family puts the finishing touches to the baby's nursery, Wilson, who famously battled weight issues until she underwent a gastric bypass operation, is already considering how she'll lose the baby weight she has put on.
She tells Life & Style magazine, "Ive put on 38 pounds. I had originally wanted to gain only 25 to 30 pounds, but that didnt happen.
"Im not beating myself up for it. I dont want to be neurotic; I want to celebrate the pregnancy. Im not eating whatever I want, but I'll have a little bit of everything."
And once baby Luciana is born, Carnies planning to go back to a diet free of wheat, dairy, sugar and dark meat.
She adds, "Its a really strict plan, but I feel so good when I eat like that. I love things like brown rice and tofu and spaghetti squash. Ive learned how to cook vegetables really well."