Heavyweight singer Carnie Wilson is taking TV network bosses behind her new U.S. reality show UNSTAPLED to court to fight for an additional $277,500 (£185,000) in pay.
The Wilson Phillips singer filed suit against the executives of the Game Show Network (GSN) on Thursday (29Jul10), according to the Hollywood Reporter.
She claims was set to receive $120,000 (£80,000) for six weeks of episodes that would be filmed four days a week for six hours a day, for a total of 24 days as part of the series, which chronicles her weightloss battle.
But the show actually required 53 days of shooting and Wilson was forced to work much longer hours prior to its premiere on 14 January (10), according to the court documents.
The complaint reads: "Accordingly, at the rate of $5,000 (£3,330) per day, which is the daily rate of said contract, Defendant GSN owes to (Wilson) the additional amount of $277,500 with legal interest thereon from the final day of shooting."
However, network bosses at GSN claim they have yet to be notified of any litigation.
A GSN spokesperson says: "We are not aware of any lawsuit by Carnie Wilson against GSN."
Wilson, who once weighed in at 300 pounds (136 kilograms), famously underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1999 and lost half of her body weight. She piled the pounds back on while pregnant with daughters Lola, five, and Luciana, one.