Carnie Wilson is still at odds with her sister Wendy for documenting the birth of her first child and making the footage look like a "porno".
Singer Wendy Wilson welcomed baby Leo Evan on September 14, 2003, and she asked sister Carnie to film the hospital birthing so she'd always have a memory of the special day.
But Carnie admits Wendy has now reconsidered her decision, revealing every time she revisits the tape she feels as if she's watching an erotic video.
Carnie says, "I filmed my sister's birth. She asked me, 'Will you film?' It was the first grandchild, you know, my sister had the first baby. She was like the guinea pig because I was so scared (to have a baby).
"So I filmed it and all you hear are (sniffles) and my crying. And then, like, eight years later she accuses me of filming a porno. I'm like, 'What?' She goes, 'By the way it looks like a porno. You filmed me all down there near my vagina.'
"I go, 'It's a birth! What am I supposed to film? Your ear? Your nose?'"