Singer Carnie Wilson has found a novel way of losing weight - cooking for her reality TV pals.
The Wilson Phillips star was asked by actress pal Maureen MCCormick to help her run a Tennessee inn as part of an upcoming U.S. reality TV show.
Wilson spent a month with MCCormick and R+B star Bobby Brown on the show, Outsiders Inn - and she was so busy cooking Southern treats for the cast and crew, she didn't have time to sit and eat with them.
The singer, who underwent a gastric bypass in 2000 and faces a constant battle with her weight, says, "I just wanted to feed people. I got to cook every day, and that brings me a lot of comfort.
"I've been really changing how I eat. It's great. I cooked really fattening food on the show but I lost 11 pounds while we did it.
"I cooked for everybody on the set every day. I'd wake up early and bake and then I wouldn't be eating the food. I would eat and spit, taste and spit.
"Then I made my tofu. We were cooking healthy. I was doing a bunch of dishes at the same time. I made my vegetables."
The weight she lost was transferred to the inn's entertainment director Brown Bobby, who spent the shoot eating up Wilson's just fried catfish.
He says, "I gained 12 pounds on this show."