Singer Carnie Wilson has cut out red meat from her diet in a bid to eat more healthily.
The former Wilson Phillips star has battled with weight issues for years, and underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1999 to help her slim down.
But Wilson, who is expecting her second child with husband Rob Bonfiglio, is taking new measures to ensure her weight doesn't shoot up too much during her pregnancy.
She says, "It's my life struggle. I feel like the word 'diet' is not a great word because we know that diets don't work.
"I say (to three-year-old daughter Lola), 'Let's just eat healthy. This is good for you. Let's just eat more of the healthy stuff.'"
But she confesses she's had a weakness for cheese - her biggest pregnancy craving.
She adds, "I don't eat red meat anymore. Now, I am just a cheese freak because of the pregnancy. I can't stop with the cheese. And bagels."