The Wilson Phillips star's parents, The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson and former singer Marilyn Rovell, threw frequent star-studded parties at the 48-year-old's childhood home, where drugs were frequently used, and Carnie claims her mother didn't always make the best decisions - like the time she asked her young daughter if she wanted to try marijuana.

"Your upbringing is everything, right," Carnie told U.S. chat show The Talk on Tuesday (21Mar17). "What an influence that it can have on you in so many areas, and for me, growing up in a household in the early 1970s, and my father, who has battled drug addiction, and my mom wasn't a saint in that area."

"She never really went over the edge, but she admits to smoking pot," she added. "I remember being around seven or eight-years-old and I was downstairs; there was always get-togethers (sic), always parties. I mean you never know who was going to knock on the door. Elton John would come by, Sean Cassidy, David Crosby, you didn't even know who was going to show up, and one day she said, 'Hey, do you want a hit of this?' It was a joint."

To this day Carnie has no idea why her mum allegedly decided to share a marijuana cigarette with her, but she doesn't consider her a bad parent.

"I'm not dissing my mother because she's the best, we all learn from our mistakes, but that's like me offering my daughter a hit off a joint," she continued. "I mean over my dead body would I do that. It's disturbing and for me having battled my own addictions with drugs and alcohol, I get it."