Former EASTENDERS actress MICHELLE RYAN has received poor reviews after making her US TV debut.

The 23-year-old impressed producers to land the lead role as the BIONIC WOMAN, but critics have rounded on her preview performance in front of the camera.

Ryan finds herself a long way from Albert Square and the comfort zone of playing ZOE SLATER, taking on the role of Jamie Sommers, a tennis pro who nearly dies in a skydiving accident before being transformed by £25 million of bionic technology.

The New York Post laid into her new show after a preview of the first episode.

"It should be fun to be bionic but the new Bionic Woman is surprisingly joyless," the paper's critic said, describing the episode as "grim".

Ryan recently appeared in I WANT CANDY, with Carmen Electra, MACKENZIE CROOK AND JIMMY CARR, while also signing up to FLICK, a horror film with Faye Dunaway.

25/05/2007 12:28:44