Pin-up Carmen Electra will be far from happy when she reads ex-husband Dennis Rodman's new autobiography, because he claims she used to "motivate" him in the bedroom by using racial slurs.

Electra is reportedly not happy about Rodman's past claims that she would call him derogatory names during sex sessions - and now his allegations are in print in new tome I SHOULD BE DEAD BY NOW.

Rodman admits he was surprised when Electra, who is now married to rocker Dave Navarro, first used the 'N' word while they were making love: "I was stunned. I mean I've had sex with a lot of white girls and not one white girl has ever called me that unless they were p**sed off."

But the basketball bad boy and actor insists his ex hasn't got a problem with him going public with their sex talk.

He adds, "She's fine with it. She wasn't upset that people may get the wrong idea with her using the 'N' word; it was more of a joke."