A devoted Carmen Electra fan has fattened up her lips, undergone liposuction and had a breast and nose job - all in an effort to resemble the former Baywatch beauty.

BRANDI, a 22-year-old go-go dancer from Texas, is an aspiring model who hopes that going under the knife to resemble Electra will land her a gig as a MAXIM covergirl - and also get a commitment out of her "man friend" Dallas.

Brandi, whose efforts were documented for MTV's I WANT A FAMOUS FACE, gushes, "Carmen Electra is so cool and sexy and she's got a wonderful body.

"My first obsession with Carmen Electra was when she was on Baywatch and ever since then she's kinda caught my eye. I've kind of been collecting all her photos and pictures and movies she's been in. Anything she's in I always just grab it off the shelf."

Brandi, who has a raunchy poster of Electra hanging over her bed, spent an estimated $18,6000 (GBP9,789) on the surgeries, aimed at softening her nose, shrinking her stomach, plumping her lips and increasing her bust size from a B to a C cup.

After weeks of painful recuperation she says, "I definitely think the plastic surgery was worth it. My boobs go great and I don't have love handles, so I'm very, very happy about how I turned out... Now I feel like I look more like Carmen Electra.

"I don't look like a totally different person. I just look like a better me."

31/03/2005 09:03