Sexy actress Carmen Electra was so nervous about being given immunisation shots for a trip to Malaysia, she screamed as nurses administered the injections.

The former Baywatch beauty will arrive in Kuala Lumpur today (15MAR05) in preparation for Friday's (18MAR) FORCE OF NATURE CONCERT FOR TSUNAMI AID featuring Black Eyed Peas and Lauryn Hill.

And Electra admits that getting herself prepared for the trip was a dramatic experience.

She says, "I had to get three shots and I'm afraid of needles. You have to get hepatitis shots, so I had two on each side and then the random one, I don't know if the doctor was just being silly, but it was for polio. Isn't that like from 40 years ago? Do people still get polio?

"Literally, I felt bad for all the people in the waiting room 'cause I was screaming. I'm such a big baby."

15/03/2005 09:13