Carmen Electra thoroughly enjoyed sharing a kiss with fellow actress AMY SMART on the set of their upcoming movie STARSKY + HUTCH - because she finds her "hot".

The former Baywatch beauty, married to rocker Dave Navarro, says it was an experience she'd quite happily repeat again, if given the chance.

She says of the lip-lock, "That was my favourite part because Amy's hot! We did about seven takes, over and over again.

"It was fun. We rehearsed in the trailer quite a bit before we actually did the scene - just kidding!. It was my first same sex kiss (onscreen).

"We're not the first ones to kiss a girl. It's been done before, but audiences can't seem to get enough of girls kissing. I think it's in some way still taboo; it's not done as often.

"I wouldn't do it if it was meant just for men because it was the '70s and it's the feeling; these girls were willing and they wanted to and that was these characters so I don't think that exploits it."

27/02/2004 09:31