Busty beauty Carmen Electra has been named The Meanest Celebrity Tipper in a new survey - after she left a one cent tip.

Website BITTERWAITRESS.COM says the former Baywatch actress left the offending amount on a $38 (GBP20) drinks bill at the Karma Nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia - where staff were shocked by the movie star's lack of generosity.

A source at the Karma Nightclub complains, "She ordered a Sex on the Beach (what a dumb drink) and sent it back three times saying it wasn't good.

"She never talked directly to me.Her bodyguard told me to make sure that nobody else's drinks in her 'entourage' were put on her tab because she's not rich."

Other celebrities singled out for their poor tips include OSCAR-winning actor Sean Penn, who refused to leave any extra money on a $475 (GBP250) restaurant bill, and multi-millionairess Britney Spears who did the same on a $102.6 (GBP54).

07/02/2005 15:29