Sexy star Carmen Electra has no qualms about turning her wedding preparations into an TV series - because she wants to share her "great life" with the world

The former Baywatch actress is allowing MTV cameras to film her and JANE'S ADDICTION fiance Dave Navarro preparing for their upcoming nuptials in January (04), and is certain the show will be great entertainment.

And Electra insists she will be as natural as ever on the series, as calculated behaviour would ruin it.

She says, "It wouldn't be interesting if we were careful. It makes for a better show.

"With any job you take, whether it's reality or not, you take that risk."

Carmen also has no fears about being turned into a figure of fun like fellow MTV star Jessica Simpson, whose airheaded comments have made her a laughing stock.

Electra adds, "At the same time, Jessica's on the cover of ROLLING STONE, she's shooting covers for ALLURE and COSMO as we speak - it's actually, I think, done well for her."

19/11/2003 17:47