Carmen Electra has a hot tip for men keen for a successful marriage - they must treat their women like little girls.

The former Baywatch beauty, who recently wed rocker Dave Navarro, insists women need to be constantly showered with attention and affection.

She says, "All women are little girls and should be dealt with as such emotionally.

"Yes, it's cliche, but women still need to be shown that they are loved. We're only human. So even though 'I love you' will fall on deaf ears 90 per cent of the time, you must continue to shower us with those three not-so-little words. We'll notice if you don't.

"We can never hear enough about how pretty we look. 'You are so beautiful' can be even more powerful than 'I love you'. And remember this: saying either takes less than two seconds out of your day."

29/01/2004 02:32