Former BAYWATCH star Carmen Electra is urging men to reclaim their masculinity, because she finds the new wave of feminine males a huge turn-off.

The sexy actress, married to rocker Dave Navarro, has tired of the onslaught of 'metrosexuals' in today's society, and insists there's nothing wrong with a man embracing his base instincts.

She says, "To me, you've got to be a real manly kind of man. It's good to be masculine. I like that old-school style where the man is protective of his woman. Where you know the person next to you is looking out for you.

"For a while it seemed as if masculinity had gone out of style. You know what I mean? I think that's what women are kind of missing - the old-school kind of guy.

"Someone who's a little bit aggressive. Not someone who's too controlling or too possessive or who wouldn't allow you to be at your full potential as a woman. But someone who really respects you and cares, but still has that masculine quality."