Carmen Electra is releasing a new aerobics DVD - giving lessons on how to perform calorie-burning lap dances and stripteases.

The former Baywatch beauty launched CARMEN ELECTRA'S AEROBIC STRIPTEASE with a small party on Friday night (17OCT03) at Santa Monica, California's SPECTRUM CLUB fitness complex.

And Electra hopes those hoping to achieve sexy physiques will look to her unconventional DVD for inspiration.

She says, "Strippers have the best bodies; I mean, they dance all night. If you take some of those moves, combine it with some fitness, you'll boost your self-confidence, feel sexy, and get an amazing workout."

To perfect her craft, Electra partnered with choreographer Robin Antin, her cohort from burlesque troupe the Pussycat Dolls, and the duo then practiced the routines with their boyfriends, rocker Dave Navarro and Charlie's Angels director McG respectively.

Electra adds, "Dave didn't complain. In fact, he's waiting for the next DVD set."

21/10/2003 01:53