Engaged actress Carmen Electra has a secret crush on a woman - American rock chick BRODY ARMSTRONG.

The former Baywatch beauty became smitten with the singer - who split with her Rancid guitarist husband Tim Armstrong after she was pictured kissing Queens Of The Stone Age bassist JOSH HOMME - after meeting her on tour.

Carmen says, "It would have to be something that was natural and not planned.

"Brody plays with a band called The Distillers. She's got great style and she's hot.

"She's on tour with Lollapalooza. I met her at a photo-shoot with Dave, but I don't think she knows I have a crush on her."

And Carmen says her sex-life with her fiance, Jane's Addiction rocker DAVE NAVARRO, is so good that she wouldn't rule out inviting Brody to join in.

She says, "We have sex in the bedroom, in the jacuzzi, the kitchen, the bathroom.

"Perhaps we will have to give Brody a call."

15/10/2003 13:41