Carly Simon says she might start work on a new "baseball anthem" after confessing that she once started writing a rival tune to the traditional song "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", reports the Associated Press. Carly Simon, best known her smash hit 'You're So Vain', says she "really should finish" the tune.
Simon has recorded a rendition of 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' for a CD accompanying a children's book of the same name. However, the star admits she once began writing a rival tune to the much-loved anthem. The singer recalls how her family were friends with the Brooklyn Dodgers star Jackie Robinson, who used to take her to games and call her his "lucky charm". Carly says she found the classic baseball tune "pretty enchanting" and tried to write her own, admitting "I really should finish it". Simon's father, the Simon & Schuster co-founder Richard Simon, helped baseball star Robinson buy a house in the mid 1950's. The singer-songwriter remembers the Major League's first ever black player as "a kind man who was passionate about fair treatment for everybody and a competitor who played tennis like nobody else", according to the Boston Herald.
Carly Simon, who has won two Grammy Awards, released her 25th studio album 'Never Been Gone' in 2009. The album featured new acoustic versions of many of the singer's biggest hits.