Thank goodness Carly Rae Jepsen is here to prove that the general public really have no idea when it comes to deciding what a good hit song should be. It looked like they'd got it right last year when Gotye's subtle, acoustic-tinged love heartbreak ballad 'Somebody I Used To Know' soared into the millions of hits on video site Youtube (the official video now sits at over 200 million views) and crashed in at number one on both sides of the Atlantic. The gap in quality from that to Jepsen's 'Call me Maybe' however Is a yawning great schism that you half-hope the public themselves might fall into.
The lyrics of the song concern Jepsen asking some chap she's literally just met for his phone number - shameless ey! - and then later in the song it seems that she was dissatisfied with how long it took for him to call her which, considering she wanted to hook up with him straight away, probably meant he didn't respond within half hour.
Banal pop at its best then, maybe. Jepsen - a former Canada Idol contestant -finally made her live TV debut on The Jimmy Fallon show and, well, she certainly seemed to enjoy being there, giving an energetic performance. The song really took off when becoming a meme, with sports teams choreographing dances to it and a mash-up of Barack Obama "singing" along to it also appearing online. The original video as a result now has almost 100 million views.