Carly Rae Jepsen has done a ''kiss and run'' on a guy.

The Canadian singer claims the lyrics of her international hit 'Call Me Maybe' couldn't be further from the truth because she is too shy to even give her number to a guy, but she confessed she has been guilty of smooching someone and making a run for it in the past.

Carly said: ''I'm not that confident. I've never given a guy my number so 'Call Me Maybe' was about imagining I was that confident, because I never have been before.

''I've done a kiss and run though. It literally involved kissing a guy and running away!''

The 27-year-old singer - who has been dating musician Matthew Koma since 2012 - claims she falls hard and fast for men, and gets bored of them just as easily.

She told Top of the Pops magazine: ''I fall in love very easily. It takes a lot for me to stay in love though. I don't hold on to things past their due date.''

The petite pop star has been hanging out with some of industry's naughtiest boys, The Wanted, recently while they're over in the US and is adamant there is no flirting involved.

Carly joked: ''The Wanted are a lot of trouble... in the best way possible! Scooter Braun is head of the label I signed with and he's also The Wanted's manager, so I've met them.

''They're really charming, but it was just pretty friendly between us - no flirting!''