Carly Rae Jepsen capped her incredible rise to fame by closing the 2012 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday (July 22, 2012). Unless you've been living under a particularly large rock for the past couple of months, you'll have heard Jepsen's breakout hit 'Call Me Maybe' and the 26-year-old has been all over the world promoting it.
The singer - from British Columbia - brought the audience at the Gibson Amphitheatre to their feet with a show stopping performance of the track. Speaking to MTV News about arranging the performance, Jepsen explained, "I had a big team to help me, but it started with a little bit of a dream. We started imagining the show of our dreams and what that would look like.And we reached out to Teen Choice to see if it would be possible, and they helped us put it all together". The singer acknowledged that the track is in danger of being overplayed, so mixes up her live renditions, saying, "We like to do a little bit of a twist to it every single time so it's not the exact same show, the exact same performance. [For example, this time] instead of girl dancers, we have boy dancers". Asked how she feels when she hears 'Call Me Maybe' on the radio, saying, "It makes me a little shy, actually.I feel like I have to change the station because I don't really know what to do".
Jepsen - who is signed to Interscope Records - released her debut EP 'Curiosity' on February 14, 2012.